This is a unique extremly heavy duty grapple specialy manufactured for Skid Steer America which allows you to remove brush, concrete, asphalt slabs, and takes all the backwork out of handing contruction debris. Most skid steer clearing grapples are curved on the bottom requiring you to tilt the attachment down to scrape debris obstructing the drivers view and adding extra complexity to the operation. This grapple has a flat bottom perfect for pushing, scraping, brush clearing and demolition. Saves money on landfill disposal fees because it takes debris and leaves the dirt.

This product compares to a Bradco FFC which is %50 more expensive. Our exclusive attachement is less expensive and of a heavier duty. 

  • 72" Wide
  • Heavy duty flat bottom clearing grapple excellent for clearing rough debris trees and fence rows
  • Spacer tines 4.5" apart
  • Extra heavy duty replaceable scarfier teeth 
  • 1" x 8" cutting edge
  • Constructed of 1/2" 60,000 psi steel
  • Excellent for rough work & landscapeing, two tools in one
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Takes the brush leaves the dirt!


  • Fits all skid steers, and tractor loaders with universal skid steer attachement
  • Comes with 6 1/2 ft hydrolic hoses and flush face hydrolic couplers

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Brush Clearing and Demolition Grapple 72"

  • $2,900.00